Small Cells Femtocell Acceptance Manager

MCL Consultant J McRobie: Managed the Vodafone Group Femtocell acceptance testing of major software releases, additional hardware and new vendor.
Worked with senior business partners within Vodafone Marketing and Vodafone Procurement Company as part of the Vodafone Group femtocell Steering Committee.

Managed the acceptance of the Vodafone FemtoPlug : produced by SagemCom, as a new CPE device and supplier – Building on IuH standardisation and TR069/196 OA&M with the interworking with the Huawei uBro concentrator. Facilitated deep dive analysis and problem resolution with vendors and their suppliers.

Worked with Alcatel-Lucent with the testing and rollout of BCR 2.4.1 and BCR 3.0 cluster software releases and interim patches. Tested and accepted the Alcatel –Lucent V2 Metrocell , New form factor V3 FemtoPlug and V2.2 Enterprise Metrocell into Vodafone.
Managed the testing aspect of an outdoor femtocell trial and carried out aspects of the onsite test and measurements using Anite Nemo testing tools and post processing packages. Working with Ruckus Wireless WiFi backhaul and assisted in enhancing the technical recommendations to optimise deployments.

Worked with Huawei in the acceptance of uBro 3.1 cluster release, and the acceptance of the ePico 3802 device including standards compliance certification and security acceptance.

Presented to 21 Vodafone Operating Companies (OpCo) and 9 partner markets on testing approaches and methodologies. Provided test support  to WiFi and Spider Cloud project streams within the small cells programme..